Crynet Game Booster 

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7



One Click Boost :

Cynet Game Booster improves your PC performance by suspending unwanted processes and reduce the ram and processor usage to improve the game performance, and after you finished gaming it will automatically restore the suspended programs. unlike the other alternative tools, crynet game booster won’t kill any processes to gain performance.

Automatic Game Boost :

crynet game booster allows you to archive the peak gaming experience without any hassle with the automatic boost option. all you have to do is launch the game from your game launcher or windows explorer. the game that you opened will be detected automatically and crynet game booster will boost your pc automatically.

Custom Gaming Profiles :

Crynet Game Booster allows users to create custom profiles for every game. so you can set the default mouse sensitivity, process priority, and much more settings. after that when the game booster turns into the boosting mode specified profile will be activated and when you finished playing the game the default settings will be applied automatically.

Manage Your Games Easily

Advanced Game Library

Crynet game library supports up to 7 different launchers ( Steam, Epic, Uplay, Origin, Bethesda, Blizzard, GOG ). you can add/delete games manually if the games were not detected automatically. ‘All Games’ section will allow you to launch all the games that installed on the pc in one location.

Automatic Game Detection

Crynet Game Booster Will Auto Detect all the Installed Games After the First Install. When you install a new game It will detect them after the first launch. it doesn’t matter if the game installed from a known game launcher or not. crynet game boosters smart game detection will do this work for you automatically.

Biggest Game Database

Crynet Game Booster has the biggest game database comparing with the alternative tools in the market. when it detects a game or if you add a game to the game booster, it will detect all the information related to the game and downloads the cover images automatically.


Driver Updates and System Tweaks

Crynet Driver Updator

Keep your drivers up to date is critical when it comes to gaming. crynet driver booster allows you to securely update outdated and faulty drivers and install the best matched missing drivers in few clicks.

Advanced Tweaks

Tweaks are very important when it comes to improving the system performance. crynet tweaks allow you to improve performance and stability by doing various tweaks to your Network,CPU, Memory,HDD/SSD, and common tweaks to your system.

Manage Processes and Services

Crynet Game Booster allowed you to manage the processes and services that you want to suspend during the boosting process within few clicks. you can also let the game booster decide what processes or services that need to stop to archive the best possible performance increase.

Compatible with your favorite Games

Crynet Game Booster Supports Every Game that released up to date. it has an offline database and the cloud database that updates newly released titles instantly. and you can use crynet game search tool to search the database and add the games manually to your library with few clicks.

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